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Seven years of age is the first time I remember being hospitalized with pnemonia and since I have been running on fumes it seems to be me. To be a mother, work hard and go for everything I can in life. At random times I get suprised by unwelcomed monsters such as Lupus that try to stop me where I stand. In all the research and things I have tried over decades, the conclusion that I have found to be true for myself is that once things are in order internally, everything else naturally falls into a better place. 

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We all go through tough times. The truth is that many of us may have to constantly pick ourselves back up again and again. It's part of the fight. We need our bodies, good things and good times to fight. As simple as it may be. I believe overall victory has to start from the the inside. A part of us that we unintentionally sometimes forget about. Weight seems to always be an issue on the table but I think if we can get our interal being in order, for many, the overall weight goals will follow as well. The energy and will start to re-focus. 

Things that I am doing that are helping me in lifting my head again... 
I have no probelm in sharing. I want to see others win!

I have been starting slow at the pace I know I can go with my current condition and circumstances. Nothing wrong with that. Let no one tell you different as long as you are getting better bit by bit. 

I currently use Herbalife Raspberry Herbal Tea Concentrate for metabolisim boost in the morning and it actually does give me a warm pickme up with a yummy taste and a wonderful pleasant but not overpowering minty after taste.

The other key product that has helped me feel much better lately is the Healthy Meal Formula 1+PDM on the Go-Cookies 'N Cream. Its delish! Mixes with water for me. I have had issues with not being hungry and not being able to eat for days. I have completely noticed the difference in drinking at lease one of these shakes in place of nothing at all (which is not good) and feel much better. I highly reccomend it. 

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Good Body Karma

Metabolisim Boost

Herbalife Raspberry Herbal Tea Concentrate

Recommended! Get it through Good Body Karma!

Good Body Karma

on the Go-Cookies 'N Cream

Healthy Meal Formula 1+PDM

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Outside of running around building in our creative world, I truly enjoy sharing to empower and experiencing new products that my family, friends and I can add to the list of favorites on the shopping list. 

Here are a couple that my fam and I recently tried:

New Admired Products

Maria and Ricardos Quinoa Flour Tortilla's from Whole Foods

My love and I got new Maria and Ricardos Quinoa Flour Tortilla's from Whole Foods and he prepared #1 a chicken and cheese quesadilla with homemade pico de gallo and fresh cilantro and #2 a smoked barbeque quesadilla❤ Absolutely delicious! Maria & Ricardos Quinoa Flour Tortillas are made from a unique blend of quinoa flour, tapioca & potato starch and avocado oil. It was different than the typical tortilla out of the grocery store and the immune system is a little less stressed without the gluten.

#mariaandricardos #wholefoods #muchogoodness #glutenfree #vegan #herMARcollab #mariaandricardosamb #ambcollab

Mooala Organic and Dairy Free Bananna Milk

Mooala is winning! @mooala_koala @bilosupersaver I bought this new non-dairy Bananamilk by Mooala at Bi-Lo to make my caramel-n chocolate drizzle iced coffee and it is absolutely delicious! Mooala's Bananamilk is smooth and surprisingly low in sugar (3 grams of sugar, all natural just from the bananas). Its also organic, dairy free and made with real ingredients. In my particular fight with Lupus that's a plus for me. Check out the link in my bio to see where you can find it near you!

#Mooala #PlantBased #BILO #ambcollab #hermooalabilo

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