I created my first website, Taggleme (website for artists), releasing in January 2011. Developing the website name after my father who was a talented aspiring Jazz musician and small business owner whom passed away in late 2009, I embraced my thoughts of providing a forum for the world’s talent and community business without having to sift through extra additives. Then, one friend whom was also a business owner asked me to build them a space who then connected with another entrepreneur. From there other collaborations grew with artists and such through the same process. Creative minds linked! But its more than just that. We enjoy providing for, connecting with and creating with one another.

About Sunshine Marie Network

Since the inception of first entity, Taggleme, Sunshine Marie Network has grown into a hub following my nickname (Sunshine) and my Middle name (Marie) to include SMN Web Services, Johnson Five Publishing and SMN Radio and new retail MARIEVINE. SMN is still growing and I am very excited as my joy comes from being able to provide joy to others with their means of talent, expression, further business and support base, and doing more for others as things are so much bigger than ourselves.

As the company grows with our passionate will to see others succeed, be on the lookout for more to come in the future. If you are interested in inclusion through our network please contact us and we will get back to you promptly and we sincerely welcome the opportunity to support you in any way we can.

“Remember to smile at least once today as no one is promised the next sunrise or sunset and let the ones close to your heart know you love them. Too many have I seen treat their loved ones and even own children so wrong and hearts suffer when its too late to make things right. My father lived his days as they were his last. Though he was called home early he led a full life. Forever will he be missed but oh how I loved him so and I made sure he knew before his service in the flesh was done and I plan to see him again.”

Ms. Marie

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Sunshine Marie Network (SMN)'s mission is to provide the world with our customers and team's means of service, talent and expression authentically in positivity.

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